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3 Reasons You Should be Using Reading Comprehension Passages in the Classroom

January 16, 2023 in Reading - No Comments

What are reading passages and why should you be using them? We all know teachers are busy and have so much to teach in one tiny school year. Reading passages are an ELA teacher’s dream! I will be sharing with you 3 reasons I think you should be using reading comprehension passages in the classroom.

First thing first, what are reading passages? Reading passages are sections of text that are designed to help readers develop their reading comprehension skills. They typically contain questions that help the reader think about what they have read and test their understanding. Reading passages can also help readers practice for tests and exams, as they often contain material that is similar in format and content to those found on tests. Are you seeing what I am seeing? There are so many benefits to using reading comprehension passages in the classroom.

1. Critical Thinking

Image shows a poem titled Mixed-up farm with comprehension questions on a worksheet beside it.  On top of the paper are sticky notes, highlighters, a pencil , and some tape.

The first reason you should be using reading comprehension passages in the classroom is critical thinking. Reading comprehension passages are a great way to teach students how to think critically about a text. Students will be able to analyze the text, identify the main points, and draw conclusions from it. This helps them develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

2. Improve Fluency

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The second reason you should be using reading comprehension passages in the classroom is to improve fluency. Reading comprehension passages can also help students improve their speed reading and accuracy by reading passages regularly. Students can become more comfortable with the reading process and increase their reading speed. Reading passages are short and can be used for repeated readings.

3. Better Understanding

Image shows a reading comprehension passage about Abraham Lincoln on top of it are vocabulary and true or false questions.  A highlighter and pen are laid across the papers.

The third, and final reason you should be using reading comprehension passages in the classroom is that students develop a better understanding of the text. Reading comprehension passages are an effective way to teach students how to interpret different types of texts. Through reading comprehension passages, students can learn how to identify the author’s purpose, understand different types of writing styles, and draw connections between different pieces of text.

Where do I find Reading Comprehension Passages to Use in the classroom?

If you’ve decided to bring reading passages into your classroom I have done the leg work for you. You can grab this free one on polar bears.

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