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Have you heard of tsu?  It’s a social networking site that supposedly pays you revenue earned…I saw a lot of it on Instagram and decided to sign up…I figured “why not?”  I’m not really interested in making money on the site.  I just want to network with other teachers and get my blog out there!  Any of you use it yet?  Thoughts???

September seemed to drag on forever, but October is flying by!  I can’t believe tomorrow is Halloween!  We worked on these cute October poems using sensory details.  They are hanging on the super star work bulletin board in my room and look awesome!  I love the last line in this poem…it makes me sad, but it’s so true!

I do monthly book reports and have for years.  I base each month off different genres.  I don’t do them to add more work, but rather to expose the kids to different types of books.  A lot of my students get stuck in the genre box and don’t look for new kinds of books.  I have even heard from some parents that the students really enjoy them.
Below is a quick view of one page of the October mystery book report.  These are fun, quick, and easy to grade.

Up next month is a nonfiction photo album.  I love this one because it gets students thinking about text features.  Here are some examples from years past.

If you would like to check the book report out click the picture below.  While you are there make sure to follow my store for the latest product updates, sales, and flash freebies!
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