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5 Ways to Use Mini Whiteboards in the Classroom


Mini whiteboards are a great tool to use in the classroom because they provide a way for students to easily visualize concepts, ask questions, and collaborate on group activities. Whiteboards are a great way to encourage student engagement and creativity, as they provide a fun and interactive way to learn. In this blog post, I will be sharing 5 ways to use mini whiteboards in the classroom.

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Tip 1: Solve Math Problems

Tip 1 to use mini whiteboards in the classroom: Text says math and below are numbers and math symbols

Use mini whiteboards to have students solve math problems or show their work. This will allow them to easily display their answers and have their peers see the process they used to get there. Using whiteboards makes math more fun and interactive than pencil and paper problems!

Tip 2: Spelling Practice

The second way to use mini whiteboards in the classroom is to practice spelling words. Have students practice writing and spelling by using the mini-whiteboards to practice new words and phrases. This is great practice before a spelling test and wonderful for those primary classrooms especially.

Tip 2 Spelling is written in text and below is a child writing the alphabet on a whiteboard with a marker.

Tip 3: Play Games

The image shows a hand drawn stick figure of a girl and boy holding hands.  at the top of the image is the word games

Playing games is always fun but combining the mini whiteboards and games makes it that much more special. Create a game of charades or ‘Pictionary’ by writing clues on the mini whiteboards and having the students draw out their guesses. Incorporate spelling and math into the games. You can use challenging words or math problems and have the students do their best to solve them. A game I enjoyed playing with my students and the mini whiteboards at the end of a unit was for the students to pick a vocabulary word and illustrate it and the other students would need to guess the word based on the illustration. The possibilities are endless!

Tip 4: Brainstorm

Another way to use mini whiteboards when starting a project or assignment where students work together is to have students spend a few minutes brainstorming. Use the whiteboards to have students brainstorm ideas or solutions to problems. This will allow them to easily share their ideas with the class and collaborate. They can pull from the whiteboard lists to create a master list.

The fourth tip is brainstorming. the image shows a child sitting at a desk and a mini whiteboard has school project written on it held by another student.  A third student is looking something up on a computer or phone.

Tip 5: Exit Tickets

Image says exit tickets and shows students sitting in a classroom at their desks with their hands raised

One of my favorite ways to gauge student comprehension was to use exit tickets. Sometimes I used paper but. a quick and easy way that gives immediate insight is by using mini whiteboards. Have students answer a question to illustrate their understanding of a certain topic. This will allow you to get a better understanding of how they are interpreting the material.

If you’re looking to purchase some mini whiteboards for your classroom you can check Amazon. I found this pack which is currently on sale. It comes with 32 whiteboards, markers, and erasers.

These are just 5 ways to use mini whiteboards in the classroom but there are so many more ways! How do you use whiteboards in your classroom? Let me know in the comments.


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