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Children’s books as a learning tool


I believe that you are NEVER too old for picture books.  I love using them in the classroom, especially in science!  My students love them too!  Anytime I start reading aloud they get so excited.  It’s pretty darn cute!  I have used picture books in a variety of ways.  I have used them to kick off a unit and to culminate a unit.  I have had the children make their own picture books about a certain topic and the picture books have also served as a starting point for an activity.
My principal started PLCs (professional learning communities) at our school a few years back.  I was on the science PLC for 2 years and switched to ELA this year.  At one of these meetings the PLC head mentioned a project from Scholastic titled Kids are Authors.  The contest has ended for this year, but the students had to create a fiction or nonfiction children’s book in groups of 3 or more.  I was wrapping up my unit on matter in science and decided this would be a great assessment.  I created a TPT file to help my students through the writing process.  Get it HERE.
They began by breaking into small groups.

Below are some examples of finished work.  The pictures aren’t good quality because I had to use my iPhone, but I was so proud of all their hard work and had to showcase it!

Some good books to use are:

Here are some great professional resources worth checking out:


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