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So I meant to post this BEFORE Christmas…but time totally got away from me.  The time leading up to Christmas was crazy, as always, and we went to school right up to the 23rd.  The kids were so restless, but we definitely did A LOT!  We had Shoeless Jeff from “Smart Songs” come in to visit the fourth grade.  He is actually the uncle of a fourth grader, but it was an amazing presentation and the kids (*cough* and teachers) had a blast.  If you haven’t heard of them check out their Youtube channel.  They do educational raps based on history.
He taught the kids some of his songs, rapped for them, had a dance off, and passed out CDs when kids answered history questions.
Here are a few brave kiddos beat boxing while Shoeless Jeff rapped.
We finished up a science unit with only 4 days until vacation.  Instead of starting a new unit I decided to revisit our STEM work from the beginning of the year.  We got our creative juices flowing by creating gingerbread traps.  Below are a few of the awesome traps my class created.

This one had a trapdoor that shut once the gingerbread man was inside.  They lured him in with sweet treats.
This next one used a covered door.  The gingerbread man walked the red carpet…to his demise!
Below are a few other examples.  They were all so creative and well thought out.  I was one impressed teacher!

Do you give your kids presents for the holidays?  I got these books for 1$ each through Scholastic and snagged some pencils, erasers, and treats to throw in the bag.  I have to admit that giving the books was a riot!  Half of the kids thought it was assigned for their next literature circle…I guess reading for pleasure is something we haven’t developed yet.

I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve already!  Time is definitely flying over vacation!
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