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Classroom Management Tips to Reset your Students After Breaks


Coming back to school after any extended time away from the classroom can be challenging to get back into the routine. However, these classroom management tips to reset your students after breaks will make your life much easier.

1. Rearrange the Classroom

Image says rearrange at the top and shows an empty classroom with tables in rows

If you are able to change up the seating arrangement in your classroom for when your students come back from break I highly recommend it. It is a nice change for students to return to school in a classroom that has been switched up. Greet your students at the door the first day back (although this is good practice every day) and show them where their new seat is. They will walk into the room and immediately be aware that things are different but in a good way.

2. Review & Revise

A great classroom management tip to reset your students after breaks is to review and revise the rules and procedures that keep your classroom running smoothly with your students. If there are rules or procedures that aren’t working well now would be a good time to change them. Really focus heavily on these for the first few days back until students are back into the swing of things.

Image says Review and Revise at the top and shows a teacher at a table working with students

3. Reinforce Classroom Routines

Image says reinforce and shows a backpack with school supplies hanging out from the inside

Reinforcing routines has to happen often. Some good routines to reinforce are what students should do when entering the classroom, when leaving the classroom, and where to turn in work. Having solid routines in place helps the classroom to run smoothly with little teacher intervention.

If you are looking for some classroom management tips before the holidays check out this blog post.

4. Set Goals

Returning from break is a great time to refocus and reorient on goals. Setting goals is important but revisiting and tracking their progress is vital. Grab this SMART goal-setting download for free.

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    5. Resources

    Check out these resources for classroom management tips to reset your students after break as well!

    • Ask the Kid Whisperer Podcast – a podcast with helpful tips for parents and teachers
    • Fred Jones – Dr Jones has lots of information and training available for management strategies on his website

    Do you have any helpful classroom management tips or resources to add? Add them in the comments below.


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