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Egg drop


I’m finally out for the summer!  We had our last day of teacher meetings yesterday.  My classroom is cleaned out and waiting for new decorations.  
I forgot to upload this while in school.  The last days were quite hectic!  I always end the year with an egg drop for my science classes.  It’s the highlight for some of the kids…pop on over to my TPT store by clicking the picture below to get this egg drop pack.  It will be on sale today and tomorrow!
The kids worked in small groups to create a container to get a raw egg safely to the ground when dropped from a distance.  It was neat to see all the creative containers the kids made.
This one had a parachute, a container filled with water, then the egg container suspended inside.
I dropped them from the window in our hallway which is on the second floor onto a tarp below (to eliminate as much mess as possible).
The other two fourth grade teachers took all the kids outside while I dropped the projects one by one.  
Balloons are always pretty common! Notice that massive blob of bubble wrap in the photo above…well, that was one group’s project…and their egg BROKE!  It was so insane!  It didn’t even make a noise when it hit the ground.  We all assumed it was safe.

I gave the kids a few class periods to work on this project.   They got really into it!  They documented their progress on the sheets below and had to record the final results of the drop.
These three groups had eggs that didn’t crack, but all the groups weren’t so lucky!  I didn’t place any limitations on the materials, but you certainly could to increase the difficulty!

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