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End-of-Year Resource Round-Up for Elementary Teachers


As the school year comes to an end, it’s time to start planning some fun and engaging activities for your elementary students. Kids and teachers alike may need some help to get to the last day of school.  This end-of-the-year resource round-up blog post has you covered.  There is a mix of free and paid ideas included and hopefully, you walk away with a wealth of activity to keep your students motivated through the last days!   Here are some end-of-the-year ideas for elementary school teachers to consider:

1. Classroom Clean-Up

This image says clean up and shows a girl holding a stack of books

Have designated times when students help clean and organize the classroom. This works well for days like field day when you have a little time before or after going out for activities. I had my students help with cleaning up and organizing some of the spaces within our classroom. This especially works well in areas like my classroom library.

2. Reflection Activities

The image says reflect and shows a girl with her back to the camera.  She is writing on a large anchor chart.

Encourage your students to reflect on their accomplishments and growth over the past year. You can have them write letters to their future selves, create memory books, or make collages of their favorite moments.

It is always fun to see how much your students have learned in grown in the short time you’ve been together. These math reviews are the perfect way for your fourth graders to reflect on all they have accomplished. Dawn Mincher has End of Year resource reviews for third and fifth grade also.

3. Celebratory Activities

The image says celebrate and shows 3 children with their arms up in celebration while confetti falls around them

Celebrate the end of the school year with a class party or field day. You can also have an awards ceremony to recognize students for their achievements throughout the year.

One of my all-time favorite activities is a book share book report. I did this as our final book report for the school year and made it a party. It was a fun way for students to celebrate their success while getting some great book recommendations from their peers. Read the blog post all about the book share book report here.

Chloe Campbell Education has an amazing 10-day STEM challenge for the end of the year. I love the foil boat challenge! Check it out here.

4. Outdoor Activities

The text says go outdoors and shows a child climbing on a play structure

This is probably the simplest idea in this end-of-the-year resource round-up blog post: Take your students outside for some end-of-the-year fun. You can plan a nature walk, picnic, or even a trip to a nearby park. This is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather and get some fresh air. You can also do little things that require no effort like taking your students outside to read or for a science experiment. Grab the free science experiment below which is a perfect end-of-the-year activity.

Permanent Marker Science

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    5. Guest Speakers

    The text says speakers and is a close up of a hand holding a microphone

    Invite guest speakers to come in and talk to your students about their careers or life experiences. This is a great way to inspire and motivate your students as they move on to the next grade. I had a parent who was a writer for a backpacking magazine and she came in to speak to the class and it was absolutely amazing. She shared her travel experiences, what she studied in school, and what she did for her job. My students (and myself) were absolutely enthralled.

    6. Classroom Games

    The text says games and shows a teacher surrounded by students playing a game with their hands up in the air.

    Play some fun classroom games with your students, such as Jeopardy, Kahoot, or Bingo. This is a great way to review what your students have learned throughout the year while having some end-of-the-year fun.

    This free Last Week of School Find a Friend by Dawn Mincher-Love Learn Teach is a great way to have your students interact with each other and cement your classroom community.

    Another great free resource is this Sunshine Logic Puzzle by Prickly Pear Puzzles. Your students will personalize their own puzzles. These are great for critical thinking! If you like those check out these Summer Fun Logic Puzzles.

    Remember, the end of the school year is a time for reflection, celebration, and fun. These end-of-the-year ideas for elementary school teachers can help make the last few weeks of school memorable and meaningful for your students before you all head off to a well-deserved summer. I hope this end-of-the-year resource round-up was helpful and you found some resources you can use in your classroom!


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