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Engaging Test Prep

February 25, 2017 in Test Prep - No Comments

How do you prepare students for a test at the end of a big unit?  How do we make engaging test prep?  In the past I have played “Jeopardy” type games, used study guides, vocabulary bingo, etc… However, the best method that I have found to help students prepare for tests is by doing a scavenger hunt.


  • Recording sheet for students
  • Clipboards (optional)
  • Pen or pencils
  • Clue cards- these are the cards you will hide with your questions or statements.

How to set up the test prep:

I prepare the scavenger hunt by creating cards to hide around the room.  These cards can be used in a few different ways.  They could contain questions that the students have to answer, or there could be a little blurb on each card that the students will read to find the answer to the question on their recording sheet.  I pass out the answer sheets and explain the rules to my students.  The first and most important rule of scavenger hunting is “NO TALKING!”  I want my students to be able to answer these questions on their own.  The second rule is absolutely no running…because we all know how competitive kids get!

I usually have each student grab a clipboard so they can walk around and answer on their sheets.  Once I give the signal they are off!  When they have finished answering their questions they will have the answers checked by me.  I will mark wrong answers with an “X” and the students need to go back and correct them.

Sometimes I do award prizes (think homework pass).  I have awarded prizes two different ways.  Sometimes I award prizes to the first few students who get the answers correct.  Other times I will award it to the first few students who get the answers correct on the first try.  This allows different kids to get prizes.

This is such a motivator for the students and it is truly engaging test prep. The are engaged the entire time!  Since I started reviewing for tests this way I have noticed an increase in achievement on end unit tests!  What test prep ideas do you find most successful?

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  • live laugh love to learn March 4, 2017 at 2:49 am

    Great idea! Thanks!

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