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How to Assign BOOM Cards


You bought a BOOM Deck, but what now? This blog post will walk you through how to assign BOOM Cards! Follow these steps and your students will be clicking away in no time.

If you haven’t heard about BOOM Cards check them out! There are so many benefits to BOOM. You can read all about them here.

Do I need a BOOM Membership?

Yes! To assign BOOM Cards you will need a membership. There are 4 membership tiers. One is free and three are paid. You can read about the different levels of membership at the BOOM Learning website: https://wow.boomlearning.com/.

Can I Use Purchased BOOM Decks with the Free Membership?

Yes! However, they can only be used as FastPlay. Decks that are played through FastPlay will not generate progress reports. These are great for practice.

Assigning FastPlay Cards

On the menu bar click “library.” This will take you to your library of any decks you have purchased or created.

Menu bar picture

Choose the deck you would like to assign to your students.

Up close of a BOOM deck library

Click on the “action” button to get a drop down menu.

Image of the drop down menu with fast pin

On this menu click “Fast Pin.”

image showing where fast pin is located

You will get this pop up. Click “Generate Pin.”

FastPlay pop up

This is the information you will share with your students so they can play the BOOM Deck. Your students will enter the pin to play.

FastPlay code image for deck assignment

Remember these will not generate student reports!

Assigning Cards with A Paid Membership

Free memberships are great, but getting the progress reports is very helpful! To set your students up with BOOM Decks follow these steps.

Click “Classes” on the menu bar at the top of the website.

Classes tab on the menu bar

Create your classroom by adding a “new classroom” on the left side menu.

How to add a new classroom on the side menu

Now that you have your class you will need to add your students. Click add student. Enter your student’s username and create a password.

image of student username for deck assignment

You can assign a BOOM Deck to the entire class or individual students. To assign the deck to the entire class click on assignments above the student names. Then choose the deck to assign.

assignments tab

To assign individual decks click on the arrow next to the student. On the drop down menu click assign, and you can assign the deck you would like.

How to assign decks to individual students

When your students are ready to play they will visit the BOOM Learning website and sign in.

Your students will love the fun and interactive play of BOOM Cards. You will love that is great for distance learning, no prep, and self grading!


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