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Mother’s Day


So I posted about my Mother’s day gift on my Wordless Wednesday post.  We finished them up today…obviously!  I wanted to share the finished product.
I gave each student 4 coffee filters.  I let them decorate them with marker then we sprayed them with water so the colors would “bleed.”
Some of them turned out so neat!
We let the filters dry and then used double sided taped to stick them together in the center.  It makes them much easier to work with when they are all stuck together.
Once they were taped nice and snug the students drew a swirl pattern in pencil starting at the center.  Then they cut along the swirl which left with a circle in the center.  After they had the beautiful swirls cut they began at the end that did not have the circle and loosely wrapped which gave us the rose look.  
We finished the project by using floral tape to put the flowers onto a pen, which looks like the stem.  The flowers rest in a pot.  This year I used mason jars that I had on hand, but in the past I have used clay or plastic pots from the Dollar Store.  They turned out really cute!  Each flower reflects the student who made it!  I personally like the plain white one best, but hey, that’s just me!

What do you do for Mother’s Day?


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