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Remote Learning for Parents and Teachers

March 21, 2020 in Distance Learning - 1 Comment

These are unprecedented times. Schools are closing and many are switching to an online or remote learning model. My last blog post on Teaching During a Pandemic addressed some of the ideas I will talk about below. If you missed it, make sure to check it out, it is a great resource for talking to your kids about what is happening. Parents and teachers are doing their best to keep kids learning and safe. I have compiled a list of resources and ideas to hopefully make your lives easier.

Outside Ideas for Distance Learning

Take a nature walk– Just go outside and walk! You could bring a camera or notebook for observations, but nature is a fantastic teacher!

Sidewalk chalk– Practice writing letters or numbers, drawing, write jokes, work out math problems, write a motivational quote to your neighbors, etc.

Blow bubbles– Make it educational by making a bubble solution. See what ingredients work together to make the best bubbles. Build your own bubble wands. OR just go outside and have a little fun in these uncertain times.

Scavenger hunt– Send your kids outside on a mission. Grab a clipboard, a pen or pencil, and go! Grab my freebie that contains 3 different versions of outdoor scavenger hunts for varying levels!

Free Nature Scavenger Hunts

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    Inside Ideas for Distance Learning

    Create an obstacle course– This one could be indoor or outdoor; use painters tape to create a course through the house and have your children complete it!

    Board games– Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned family game night? Grab some games and have some fun!

    Listen to a Podcast– There are lots of great podcasts out there for kids. Check out this blog post from Common Sense Media with a list of 25 podcasts for kids.

    Write or Journal– Write about what is going on in the world. We have made the switch to remote learning and are practicing social distancing. We are living through history! Have your students/children write about their lives and what is happening in the world. Keep this age appropriate and know your children to avoid adding too much anxiety.

    Bake or Cook– I remember cooking with my mother when I was younger. This is a real life way to teach math skills. Double or half the recipe to add some math problems!

    STEM Challenges– There are tons of STEM challenges that can easily be done at home! They are fun, hands-on, and get kids thinking!

    Challenge Ideas:

    • build a bridge– give your child straws and tape and have them build a bridge to hold cup full of pennies (you can pick the amount)
    • aluminum foil penny boat– give your child a piece of aluminum foil and challenge them to build a boat to hold pennies in water. See how many pennies can be added without sinking the boat. Try to beat it!
    • build a catapult– you’ll need craft sticks and rubber bands for this project
    • cup tower– this one is easy! All you need are paper or plastic cups. Challenge your child to see how high they can build a tower using only cups.

    Live Videos and Tutorials

    Since we are being required to stay home many businesses and public figures are switching to distance learning. I will share a few below, but there are many more that live stream daily!

    Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens– Live videos daily at 3 PM EDT. Zookeepers and handlers show some of the animals living at the zoo and share information about them. Check the Facebook pages of your local zoos!

    Laurie Berkner Band– Laurie Berkner goes live most weekdays at 10 AM EST on her Facebook page. She has lots of great videos, sings songs, and reads stories. My preschooler loves her!

    Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems– Daily 1 PM EST draw with Mo Willems


    Cosmic Kids Yoga– A YouTube channel with Yoga for young kids

    GoNoodle– (YouTube Channel) Get your kids moving with these fun games, dances, and catchy songs (Website)

    Kidz Bop– (YouTube Channel) songs and dances by kids (Website)

    YouTube– Check out the learn at home page (linked here) for channel suggestions broken down by age

    Art for Kids Hub– A family YouTube channel with art tutorials for kids

    StoryLine– Celebrities read books to your kids! My kiddos are really loving this website right now! There are tons of books to choose from.

    Khan Academy– Online learning videos

    Brain Pop and Brain Pop JR.– These websites have animated videos, quizzes, and so much more for all subject areas. You can request access for free during the school closings!

    IXL Learning– Offering free access during the school closings; this website breaks down by grade, subject, and skill!

    Discovery Education– Offering free access for the remainder of the year; a variety of resources for the online learning community

    PBS Kids– Online games, videos, and other content for young learners

    Scholastic Learn at Home– Scholastic created a website broken down by age for daily online content!

    Breakout Edu– Digital games broken down by grade

    EdHelper– This site is full of worksheets and is offering free worksheets while schools are closed

    Ideas in your Community for Distance Learning

    Write letters to seniors at a local nursing home– Many nursing homes are on complete lockdown. Spread some cheer with snail mail! Get out the pens, paper, crayons, etc. and let your little artists get to work!

    Check out small businesses– No, I don’t mean go running around to small businesses, but many in my community are offering products for at home. Last week I got some ceramics from a local pottery studio for my kids to paint. I messaged them on Facebook, picked out my pieces online, called to pay, and they placed it on a table out front where I picked it up. A family member messaged me about a baker who is doing home decorating. I have some cupcakes being dropped off on my doorstep this week!

    Do you have any ideas or resources? Share them in the comments below!

    My biggest advice is don’t stress! This is an anxious time for everyone. Parents aren’t expected to become teachers overnight, nor are teachers expected to become remote learning experts overnight. We are all doing our best to navigate through this time of social distancing!

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