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I can’t believe I go back to school in less than one week!  Where has the summer gone?  I always love back to school time and find it exciting and refreshing to start each year new.  This year I decided to redo my bulletin board backgrounds and changed my theme.  I decided upon pink polka dot and navy chevron!  Here is a picture of my job bulletin board.  It looks busy, but I have two really small boards and had to fit a lot onto each one.
This is my listening station and writing center with the birthday bulletin board.  I need to add the student names.  I bought adorable cake cut-outs from Target to write them on.  I am also obsessed with my paper lanterns from Mardel!
I have tables instead of desks in my room and decided to fit the kids at four tables this year.  This leaves me open to use the fifth as a small group/teacher table.  Each table has a number that I put in these cute frames from Michaels.  I made the desk plates and they are available on my TPT store.
I am in LOVE with my library this year.  I had a very generous parent donate two Yogibo bean bags at the end of the year.  They are the most comfortable seats ever!  I still have my fabric bins with each library book leveled.

I use bookshelves in my room to try to help keep the kids organized.  Last year they killed a bunch of them which was depressing. This year in order to (hopefully) prevent that I am using magazine racks with the books inside.  I assign each student a number and will have specific numbers in the boxes so they can quickly be passed out.  We will see how this goes…

The last area in my classroom is the teacher desk area.  I am definitely not loving this area yet…it’s really cluttered and visually overwhelming, but this doesn’t need to be completed right away.  It’s a work in progress.
Say hi to my puppy Maggie who snuck her way into this picture 🙂  She’s a really good assistant!

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