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Still in school, but I’m doin’ big things!


The kids finished school the 19th, but the teachers are in meetings until the 23rd.  Despite being in meetings and having school work/cleaning to do I have been so productive!  I posted a few weeks back about lesson planners that I made for my coteachers…well, they just arrived from the printer today!  I am so excited to give them to my buddies and am so proud of how they turned out.
(don’t mind the mess in the background of these photos…it’s all the junk I took home from school and have yet to put away)
They open up to these monthly calendars for planning ahead.
Then there are the long term planning pages to the left and the schedule page to the right.
Who can forget birthdays???
Next come the planning pages themselves.  I have the days of the week going down on the left and up the top are the personalized subjects for the two other teachers I work with.
Then come the parent contact forms, gradebook, checklists, and missing homework forms.

I seriously can not wait to give them to the girls tomorrow!  To have your own printing done visit http://www.bestvaluecopy.com


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