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Sub Binder


Unfortunately this rings true…sometimes I suffer through work while sick because it’s just easier than not going in.  In order to alleviate the stress of being out sick I created a substitute binder that is available at my TPT store.  It saves that hassle of having to type out the same things over and over again.  Now in the event that I have to call out all I have to do is type up the lessons for the day and the rest is taken care of.  
I should mention that I have a “sub tub.”  This thing is a life saver!  I have copies of extra sheets and activities in here that the substitute could do if there is extra time in the day.

My sub binder goes inside of the sub tub so it’s all together and easy to access.

 I use the hanging file folders to store extra papers and attendance sheets.  I also keep the read aloud in here if I know I will be out.

This is one of the pages in the binder.  I uploaded pictures to it to make it so much easier!  It’s way easier for the sub and I with the pictures.  Right after this page I also have an important people sheet with the names of the nurses, principal, secretary, and my co-teachers.

This is a snapshot of the schedule layout.  I have a weekly schedule and daily schedules in the binder. The final sheets in the binder are helpful students (mine has the pictures of each student so they are easy to find), how we go home sheet, and time fillers and writing prompts to do any time.

What do you do to try to cut down on the prep work of being out sick?

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