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The Complete Guide to Fire Safety Activities for Preschool Students


Fire prevention week is an annual event to promote fire safety that is always held in the month of October to remember the Great Chicago Fire. Help your preschool students learn the basics of fire safety by incorporating some basic fire safety activities for preschool in your curriculum.

The best way to keep them safe is by teaching them about fire safety and prevention early on in their lives. Here are some activities that you can do with your preschoolers to teach them about fire safety and prevention:

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Read about Fire Safety

Image shows a vocabulary card with the word dashboard on top.  A firetruck is displayed and the definition of dashboard is written on the card.

The first book we read was How Things Work: Fire Trucks by Joanne Mattern. We used this book to identify vocabulary when talking about fire trucks and to get students familiar with the trucks and equipment that firefighters use.

Our next reading skill was making predcitions. To do that, I held up the book The Firefighters by Sue Whiting and asked students to make predictions based on the cover alone. After reading the story we discussed whether their predictions were correct or not. This is an adorable book about students pretending to be firefighters in their classroom. It is fantastic for helping students use their imaginations.

Next we read This is the Firefighter by Laura Godwin and worked on our retelling skills. They learned about what happens when a firefighter hears the alarm at a firehouse and races to the rescue.

This is the Firefighter retelling fire safety activity.  Image shows a child's hand pasting a retelling piece onto the worksheet.
Image shows a paper with colorful sticky notes.  On each note is a printed question.  These questions will be placed into the book "The Fire Station" by Julie Murray and asked while it is read aloud.

Then we answered questions as we read. To do this I like to read the book before I read it to my kids. I create a list of questions, print them out on sticky notes, and place them into the book where I want to ask them. I read aloud The Fire Station by Julie Murray. This book discusses what happens at the fire station and why it is important within our community.

Our final readings for the week were fire safety themed emergent readers. There are two versions in my Fire Safety Preschool Unit which is available on Teachers Pay Teachers. One version has the word and a picture clue. The second version has a simple sentence with the same picture clue. I used the word only version with my 4 year old.

Image shows a fire safety emergent reader booklet.  There is a picture of a hose and the word hose is written below.

Fire Safety Themed Literacy Ideas

Image shows cards flipped upside down.  Two cards are upright they are an upper-case and a lower-case "E"

We focused on letters but keep with the theme of fire safety by matching the upper-case and lower-case letters on the printed cards. My daughter is working on letter recognition with those lower-case letters still so this was good practice for her. We flipped all the cards over and made it into a game.

Next we wrote our names in crayon on paper and used watercolor paints to resist the wax in the crayon. This is a great art and name activity.

Image shows the name "Rosie" written in crayon with watercolor paints around it.
Image shows a sand tray with the letter "B" written in the sand.

We used the cards from our matching activity to write our letters in sand. My daughter said the name of each letter and then wrote it into the sand. I got this sand tray from Target’s dollar spot a few months ago.

This flip and cover mat was a lot of fun. The upper-case and lower-case letters were both printed on the cards. My daughter identified the letters and found them on the mat. Then she covered them with the small fire pieces from our ten frame activity.

Flip and cover activity shows a fire alarm with the letters Nn printed below.  A child's hand is covering the letter Nn with a small paper piece.

The final literacy activity for the week was a sticker match. I printed the fire truck mat and used these stickers to write the letters on. You could do upper or lower case letters on the stickers but I had them match lower to upper-case for this activity.

Fire Safety Themed Math Activities

We focused on the numbers 1-15 with these counting clip cards. This is a great activity for 1 to 1 counting and fine motor skills. Instead of using clothespins this time I had these number erasers I got from Target’s dollar spot. We lined them up in numerical order and got to work counting. I had the extra numbers to make 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 set aside so it wouldn’t confuse my daughter.

Image shows fire hoses lined up on a card.  A student hand is indicating that there are 9 hoses on the card.  She is correct.
Ten frame with fire dog.  Fire boots in the top corner show the number 3.  The student placed 3 items into the ten frame.

Next we moved on to ten frames. Each frame had the number in the top right corner. She counted out the pieces and placed them into the ten frame.

We used dice for the next number activity. This worked with numbers 1-6, probability, and number writing. She rolled the dice and for each turn wrote the number she rolled. The goal is to fill up the board completely.

Child's hands are over the roll & write board.  Dice shows the number 4.  She is writing the number 4.
Image shows a child's hand completing a pattern by gluing a fire hat on to the paper

This make a pattern activity involves cutting, pasting , and patterns. There are three patterns on the sheet and they are all abc patterns. We went over the patterns together and she completed them by gluing on the final piece.

The final fire safety activity for preschool math was number puzzles. My daughter had a lot of fun putting these together to see the big picture.

Image shows child's hand putting the image into numerical order.  The final image is a fire house, fire truck, and hydrant

Sensory, Social, and Science Activities

I like to set up the sensory bin at the beginning of the week so they have all week to play with it. In the sensory bin I used:

The next activity was a hot or not sort. This was a great activity to help identify objects around the house that could be dangerous for students to play with.

Image shows a child's hand sorting items into hot or not.
Card says roll and in the background child is practicing roll for stop, drop, and roll in fire safety

We took turns practicing stop, drop, and roll. We also discussed evacuation plans in the event of an emergency. I used the stop, drop, and roll cards to go over the steps in the process and had my kids try it out.

For science we introduced some scientific vocabulary. We talked about hypotheses and how scientists make educated guesses. Then we discussed what they think would happen if we placed a glass jar over a lit candle. After completing the experiment we came back and drew what happeend and if we were correct or not.

Image shows a student drawing their hypothesis of what will happen when a candle is covered with a glass jar
image shows a fire safety booklet with a child writing their name on the front cover

Our final activity for the week was a culmination of the unit. We made a fire safety booklet with important information for fire safety and prevention that we learned during the week.

Want to save time with a premade unit?

I have done all the hard work for you by putting together a complete unit of fire safety activities for preschool. To grab it click the image below to be taken to my TpT store where you can purchase it.

Fire Safety Activities for Preschool unit cover

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