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The Power of Classroom Jobs


When I was in the classroom I used classroom jobs and heavily relied on them. They made my life so much easier. My students loved their jobs and looked forward to picking new ones on Mondays. In this blog post, I will be sharing all about the power of classroom jobs and why I think you should use them too.

What are classroom jobs and why should you use them?

Classroom jobs are simple tasks your students perform to make your classroom run smoother. They foster a sense of responsibility and ownership among students. The jobs will also enhance self-esteem and boost confidence. When done right, they promote a collaborative and supportive classroom culture.

What kind of jobs should my students be doing?

The classroom jobs in an elementary classroom will look different from a middle or high school classroom. They should always be age appropriate. A good way to see what kind of jobs your students should be doing is to brainstorm a list with your class. Another way to find jobs is to purchase a job pack that is appropriate for your classroom from a teaching store or a site like TPT.

Image shows lemon themed classroom jobs with numbered sticks sticking out of the top of each job square.

I created this classroom job setup that is an adorable lemon theme. There are 24 jobs in the elementary classroom. You could go through and pick which jobs you’d like to use, or use all of them! In my job setup, I also use a clip art set for boys and girls doing each of the jobs. If this sounds interesting to you click here to shop. Also, follow me on TPT to see when I add new sets and grab them for 50% off for the first 24 hours.

How do I implement Classroom Jobs?

An important piece of implementing jobs successfully is to set clear expectations and guidelines for each role. At the beginning of the year when I review all procedures, we spend some time reviewing the responsibilities of each job and what it looks like. It is also important to rotate jobs regularly. Rotating jobs allows students to try their hand at different roles. I liked to switch jobs on Monday mornings during our snack time. I pulled numbered sticks from a cup and students could choose their new job in that order.

Another important piece of implementing jobs is to help your students meet success with them. They may need some training…I’m looking at you gardener 🤣. I had some relatively low-care plants in my classroom. However, these plants could still be overwatered or underwatered. In addition, students needed help learning how to care for these plants. This was an excellent teaching opportunity!

The important thing to remember is that classroom jobs should make your life easier. If they are a hassle or too difficult to manage then fix the jobs that are causing the issue or simply don’t do them. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. I loved using classroom jobs and found them super helpful. They cut down on my workload, kept my classroom neat and organized, and fostered a sense of community.


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