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Using BOOM Cards at Home


I wrote all about the basics of BOOM Learning in this blog post. Today, I will be sharing how you can use BOOM Cards at home! COVID-19 has changed so many things! At home/distance learning is one of them. BOOM Cards are another tool you can use to keep you students/child learning and engaged. The best thing about BOOM Cards is that they are perfect for Pre-K – 12. I use them often with my preschooler.

Pinterest image "Using BOOM Cards at home"

I’ll be linking to some other great technology tutorial posts, so make sure to stick around until the end.

BOOM Cards App

BOOM Cards can be done from any device connected to the internet. When using the digital task cards it is best to think about your child/student. I know that for younger kids it can be harder to use the mouse. With my son, I downloaded the BOOM Cards app so he could play the decks directly on my iPad. To download the BOOM app follow the steps below.

Go to the app store on your chosen device. Enter “BOOM Cards” into the search box and hit enter.

Image of App Store Searching for "BOOM Cards"
The BOOM app is the top left.

Click on the app titled BOOM Cards and download it.

BOOM Cards app description from App store
I already have the app downloaded. If you do not have it on your device you will click download where it says “Open.”

Voila! The app is now on your device! Please note, you will need to create an account to use BOOM Cards (See this post to learn more).

How to use BOOM?

BOOM Decks are self grading. Your child/student should be able to complete them on their own. Immediate feedback is given.

BOOM Card correct answer
This is an example of a correct answer
BOOM Card incorrect answer
This is an example of an incorrect answer.

If the student chooses the correct answer the card switches to the next. Likewise, If the student chooses the incorrect answer the child must figure out the correct answer in order to advance. However, children can skip a card and come back to it at the end.

Once you click on the app you will be taken to something that looks like the page below.

BOOM Cards App Home Screen
This is what the home screen on the app looks like.

From the home screen you can click on library in the bottom menu bar. Here you will see all of the BOOM Decks you have.

Image shows BOOM Library with other decks blurred except for counting 1-10

Go to the deck you want your child/student to play. Click the blue action button and choose the option you would like to use to assign the deck.

BOOM Library image with words Click on the blue action box and these options will pop up.

If you are using the free BOOM account you will have the option to play decks using “Fastplay.” This is a great option for practice and reinforcement.

Fast Play directions from BOOM

See the BOOM Deck in action!

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