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Happy October!  I feel like it has taken forever to get through the month of September.  I seriously hope that this is not how the rest of the year turns out!  I have a lot to share with you today.  I do monthly book reports based on genre.  The month of September was free choice and the students ended up making a book sandwich.  They turned out super cute!

Each piece of the sandwich represented a different part of the book.  The tomato was the setting, the onion was a sad part of the story, and the lettuce was a summary of the book.  I plan on packaging up my monthly book reports and putting them up for sale in my TPT store.  I will keep you posted, but be sure to check it out!
In science we have been working on the engineering design process and the students created a spaceship to travel to Mars.  I used this product from Freedom to Teach.  It literally has everything in it to take you from start to finish.
The spaceships turned out so great.  I wish I took pictures!  The students really understood the engineering design process and it was adorable to hear them speaking like engineers!
Lastly, I finished my science word wall cards.  This project took me FOR-E-VER to complete.  I spent hours searching for the right pictures to go with each vocabulary word.  I must have changed the format 1,000 times.  Grab it here at 20% off through tomorrow!
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