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Best Read Alouds for Back to School


On my Instagram I talked about easing the anxiety of back to school. My son will be starting preschool in the fall and this is a big change for both of us! He is very anxious about the unknown and not a big fan of change. Reading some books on what to expect for preschool has been very helpful at easing some of those fears. I am going to link a few of the best read alouds for back to school. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

First Day of School Books

This list of books is perfect for the first day. They discuss scenarios and feelings many of us are familiar with on those first days back. These are great for putting our students at ease and welcoming them to school.

First Day Jitters– this fantastic book is told from the point of view of the teacher.  However, while reading it appears as though it is a child who is the main character.  I love that it gives a human quality to teachers.  When I read this to my fourth graders they were astonished that the teachers were nervous for a new school year too!

School’s First Day of School– this story is told from the point of view of the school.  

The Name Jar– New to school and new to the country this heartwarming book is about the importance of a name!

Ricky the Rock that Couldn’t Roll– This book is the first in a series of books.  It’s about Ricky a rock that can’t roll and focuses on friendship and perseverance.

The Invisible Boy– is about a quiet boy who makes friends with the new kid at school.  It focuses on kindness and empathy.

Rules and Behavior for BTS

The following recommendations for back to school (BTS) books discuss rules and the importance of following them, as well as behavior that is school appropriate. I loved using these types of books to introduce our classroom rules.

My Mouth is a Volcano is a book about a boy who is always interrupting.  However, when people interrupt him he gets upset and realizes why it is important not to interrupt.

What Should Danny Do? This book gives students the power to choose what Danny should do throughout his day.  His choices have consequences and can spark some great conversations.  This is a sequel.  I will link the first book in the series below.

What if Everybody Did That? Is a great book for the importance of rules and following them.


I included writing because this book is a great set up for journals or writer’s notebooks!

Amelia’s Notebook is fantastic for students when learning writing.  It is about a girl who gets a journal for her birthday.  She begins writing about her daily life.

This book is part of a series!


These are the books I have been reading with my son at home to help him prepare for his first school experience. He does better when he knows what to expect.

I’m Going to Preschool– My son loves this book because it is interactive.  There are flaps to life, parts to spin, and sliders to slide as Ben goes to preschool.

Pete the Kitty’s First Day of Preschool– Who doesn’t love Pete the Cat?  Pete goes to preschool and we get to read about all the fun he has!


What to Expect at Preschool– this is definitely the wordiest of the three books, but it goes into detail about what your child can expect as they go to school.

There are so many great books for the first days of school.  This is my list of best read-aloud books for back to school, but are there any you think are missing from this list?


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