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Curriculum Mapping for the School Year Made Easy


Planning out your curriculum for the school year doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Here are a few tips to help make curriculum mapping for the school year easier.

Make A List

Start by making a list of all the topics that need to be covered in a year. Write down every topic that you absolutely must teach in the school year. I suggest doing this on the computer so you can easily edit the document and copy things over. These are the topics that will be on your curriculum map.

Image shows a desktop with a keyboard, plant, notebook, and science curriculum topics page.

Break it Down

Image shows an expanded list of science curriculum topics with pink pencils next to the sheet.

Look at your list and break down each topic into smaller pieces and try to decide which topics you want to cover in each month or quarter. For example, if you teach elementary science start with your general sciences: earth, physical, and life. Then break them into smaller topics such as earth science into rocks and minerals. This can be further broken down in the rock cycle, weathering and erosion, and so much more.

Timeline & Housekeeping

Image shows a desktop with a science curriculum mapped for the year

Now that you have your topics broken down, create a timeline or chart to keep track of each topic and its due date. The due dates can be general or very specific depending on how detailed you want to get. Put all the curriculum you will use to teach the topics into the timeline and make sure to include assessments, culminating projects, and other activities that are part of the curriculum. If you teach multiple classes make sure to create a separate timeline for each one.

Wiggle Room

It is always helpful to leave a little wiggle room in your schedule for unexpected situations or changes. Band demonstration take over one of your science classes this week? It’s ok because you gave yourself some wiggle room! Build in an extra day here and there to catch up if you are able to.

With a bit of planning and organization, curriculum mapping for the school year can be easier than you think and help you stay on track throughout the year. If you’re interested in curriculum mapping templates check out my editable curriculum mapping templates available here.

Image shows the cover of an editable curriculum mapping template by endeavors in education.  On the cover is a laptop with the template.

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