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Halloween Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten


Halloween things and pumpkins are making an appearance and that means it’s time to start planning Halloween activities for your preschool and kindergarten students.

Text says "preschool & kindergarten Halloween activities" with a collage of 4 Halloween activities on the top.  The top left is sand letter tracing, top right is a ghost magnet, bottom left is costume syllables, and bottom right is color by code haunted house.

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Grab the premade Halloween Unit here to save you time! The unit lasts 5 days and has a reading, literacy, and math activity for each day. There are also 5 days of sensory, science, and social activities as well.

Halloween Reading Activities

We do one reading activity each day. This unit lasts us one-week Monday-Friday. Click on the book titles to be taken to the Amazon links.

Image shows a child's hand coloring on a worksheet that says "Big Pumpkin what is the problem in the story and how is it solved?"

Begin the unit by reading Big Pumpkin. Discuss what a problem and solution are in a story. Have the students talk about the problem and the solution in this story and then they can illustrate these on their papers.

The next day I use the book Little Boo to have my children make predictions about what they think the book will be about.

Image shows sequencing cards for Room on the Broom story with child's hand putting them into order

Midweek we read Room on the Broom and use sequencing cards to do a retelling of the story.

Student is drawing a picture of their favorite part of the story from Honk! Quack! Boo!  They are coloring with an orange crayon

Then it’s time for students to illustrate their favorite part of the story Honk! Quack! Boo!

Image shows a child's finger pointing to the word house on the page with a picture of a house

The final reading activity is a Halloween emergent reader themed for the letter “H.” There are two emergent readers included. The first includes singular words and the second includes simple repeated sentences.

These reading Halloween activities for preschool and kindergarten focus on important skills your little learners need to know.

Literacy Halloween Activities

Image shows a child's hand writing the letter "D" in a sand tray with a monster finger.  Next to the sand tray is a paper cauldron with the letter D on it.

I grabbed this sand writing tray from the Bullseye’s Playground at Target over the summer and I had the monster fingers from last Halloween. We practiced writing upper-case letters, lower-case letters, and numbers 1-20 in the sand.

Here is a similar sand tray from Amazon. If you don’t have a Target or Walmart close by to grab some monster fingers here is a link to some on Amazon.

Child is placing a paper hat on the cat.  Text says "the hat is on the cat"

Next, my kids made preposition/positional word books. We cut out the hat pieces and glued them on the paper according to the directions.

Halloween activity image shows a student's hand placing the mummy card on to the 2 syllable mat

Midweek we were ready to work on syllables. We used the mats and sounded out the costumes placing them in the correct location according to how many syllables are in each word.

Child is gluing the letter p tile on to the secret picture tile

Then we played detective when we figured out what the secret picture tiles formed by matching upper and lower case letters.

Halloween activity shows child coloring by code a haunted house

The final literacy activity for the week was a Halloween-themed color by code. My kids matched upper and lower case letters again and used the code to complete the picture.

The literacy Halloween activities for preschool and kindergarten are perfect for centers and small groups.

Halloween Math Activities

Halloween activity image shows child's hands counting out blocks to measure a witch broom

We started out using blocks to measure witch’s brooms. My son used his blocks to measure the broom, counted the cubes, and recorded the number on his sheet. If you’re looking for blocks like the ones pictured here is a set from Amazon.

Halloween activity image shows a child's hand clipping the number 3 on a clip card

To reinforce the numbers 0-10 we used counting clip cards. Usually, I have my son use clothespins but we decided to try using paper clips and it worked great. He counted the spiders in the web and clipped the correct number on each card.

Child is coloring matching candy corn shape on worksheet

We worked on matching our candy corn shapes. I had my son tell me the name of each shape and then find and color the match from the choices.

child is writing the number 5 while a die sits off to the side with the number 5 facing up

Using a die we worked on writing numbers 1-6. The first time a number was rolled my son traced it. Then each additional roll he had to write the number on his own.

Image shows a child feeding a paper Jack-O-Lantern paper candy  Halloween activity

The final Halloween number activity for preschool was the favorite for my kids. It is a roll & feed game. They had to choose a color card and roll the dice to see how many candies and which color they would have to feed the Jack-O-Lantern.

These math Halloween activities for preschool and kindergarten are fun, engaging, and age-appropriate. They can be done in small groups, or individually.

Sensory, Science, and Social Activities

Halloween activity is a sensory bin with orange, purple, and black pom poms, a cauldron in the corner and mini erasers throughout the bin

I like to start out the week with a sensory bin which I leave out the entire week for them to play with. This one was lots of fun. I grabbed my bin and threw in some purple, black, and orange pom poms. Next, I added Halloween mini erasers, some wooden scoops, and plastic cauldrons.

Click the name to see where I got the materials for the bin:

The fun thing about the sensory bin is that you can use it with other activities. You could hide the counting clip cards or letter cards for the sand tray inside it and have students dig through to find them.

Image shows a child matching the emotion of a spider and a child

Next, we worked on our social-emotional learning with spider emotions matching cards.

Halloween activity is a ghost windsock hanging from a window

Then we made a ghost windsock and hung it up on display.

Halloween activity shows a bat sun-catcher streaming light through a window

We made bat suncatchers using contact paper, construction paper, and tissue paper. We hung them on the window and watched the light come through.

Halloween activity shows a magnet holding a tissue paper ghost up in the air

Our final activity was a STEM activity. We created a flying ghost using magnetic forces.

Want to grab all these Halloween activities for preschool and kindergarten? Click here to grab them on Teachers Pay Teachers.


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