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Open House


Oh my goodness…it has been a whirlwind the past few weeks.  I began school, grad classes, wedding planning, and finishing up the STEM class (well, finishing in November).  I barely know which way is up these days!  Last week we had our parent orientation night…or open house as I like to call it.  We gather in the gym where the principal makes a general statement, welcomes parents, and then sends them off to the rooms.   My fourth grade team decided to do a general presentation to all the 4th grade parents in the gym.  We gave them the whole 4th grade speech and then walked them down to see our rooms.
We each set up our rooms with these adorable biopoems that each student created.  They turned out so amazing!  We propped them up using rulers so it looked like the kids were sitting in each chair.  I also placed a flipbook with important reminders for parents and a magnet to showcase their good work.  The night was a huge success.  It was great to meet all the parents!

Did you have your open house yet?  How did it go?

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