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Preparing Students for Tests


As a teacher, preparing your students for tests, including standardized tests, can be a daunting task. However, with the right approach, you can help your students feel confident and ready to succeed. Here are some tips to keep in mind and some of my favorite test prep ideas.

1. Start Early

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Don’t wait until the week before the test to start preparing your students. Instead, build test-taking skills into your daily lessons throughout the year. This will help students develop a routine and feel more comfortable when it comes time for the actual test. If your testing uses computers practice using computers for testing. If your test uses bubble sheets practice taking unit tests and having students fill in the bubbles to answer the questions. Doing these tiny things will help students feel more comfortable on test day.

2. Review Key Concepts

Make sure your students have a strong understanding of the key concepts and topics that will be covered on the test. This can be done through regular class discussions, homework assignments, and review sessions. Building that foundational base will help your students to succeed.

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3. Practice Test-Taking Strategies

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Teach your students test-taking strategies such as how to pace themselves, how to budget their time, and how to approach different types of questions. Encourage them to practice these strategies through in-class activities and mock tests.

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    4. Provide a Supportive Environment

    Creating a supportive and positive classroom environment can help students feel less stressed and more confident when taking tests. Encourage your students to build a classroom community and engage with their peers. Students will perform better when they feel comfortable.

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    5. Address Test Anxiety

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    Test-taking anxiety is very real! I myself suffer from test anxiety and wish I had a teacher who taught me tricks to overcome and break through the anxiety that goes along with testing. Test anxiety can be a major barrier to success for some students. Teach students coping strategies, such as deep breathing and visualization, to help them manage their anxiety.

    6. Foster a Growth Mindset

    Encourage your students to see tests as opportunities for growth and learning, rather than simply a measure of their intelligence or worth. Emphasize that mistakes and failures are part of the learning process. I think this point piggybacks off of number 5. We put so much pressure on tests and getting good grades when really testing is just one tool of student growth measurement.

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    My Favorite Test Prep Ideas

    Now that we have discussed some of my favorite tips to prepare students for tests I want to share some of my favorite test prep ideas.

    • Scavenger Hunts for test prep- These are my favorite way to prepare students for tests. Read about how I set them up in this blog post. I love that students can take the information from the review and use it as a study guide!
    • Review Games like Jeopardy, Trashketball, Four Corners, etc.
    • Computer Review- Use websites to quiz your students on important information. There are TONS of different sites out there and new ones pop up every day but I am familiar with Quiziz and Kahoot.

    By following these tips, you can help your students feel prepared and confident when it comes time to take standardized tests or any other type of exam. Remember, the most important thing is to provide a supportive and positive learning environment that allows your students to thrive.


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