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Teaching Sound


I am linking up for Workshop Wednesday with ideas by Jivey!

This link up is about using science books for Reading Workshop.  I am fortunate enough to have a built in science period at my school.  I actually am the science teacher for all three 4th grade classes (We all teach our own ELA).  Clearly I love science!

Teaching sound is one of my favorite units!  There are so many fun activities and hands on lessons to do.  I love to use noise makers, whoopee cushions, palm pipes, and sound strips to name a few items! There are so many cute children’s books written on sound that I put out for my students to go through. Some examples are below:

But, I absolutely love using certain texts…for example, this book…

This is a really cute book about Farkle McBride and his love of music.  This book introduces the different instruments.  It is a wonderful resource when discussing how sound is produced!
This one is great for younger kids, but my fourth graders still love to listen to read alouds!

I put my resources into a TPT file with over 30 pages of resources, graphic organizers, activities, and a PowerPoint.

 We create sound stethoscopes.  This activity comes with a recording sheet and instructions on how to make it.  If you haven’t used these before you definitely need to try it!  I have already made stethoscopes, but I also have the students bring in smaller metal objects from home.  It’s great to test out their classmate’s objects as well as their own to see the differences in sound that each makes.  You have to watch for the looks on their faces the first time they try this…it’s PRICELESS!

I assigned this today and the students were so excited!  They were even asking if they could do more than one role…WHAT?!?!?!  I do these as in class assignments and then we share their products once they have finished.  Not all of my students love getting up in front of the class and speaking.  However, I let them go up with a partner or if they really don’t want to share I will share their product for them.

I love seeing the students really get excited to learn science!  

My name is Jen and I’m the face behind Endeavors in Education.

I have a passion for ELA and science. I am even STEM certified. Now I spend my time hanging with my kids, blogging (endeavorsined.com), and creating for my TpT store Endeavors in Education.

I’m so happy you’ve joined me on this journey!

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