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Setting Up Google Classroom for the New School Year

June 24, 2020 in Back to School - No Comments

Setting up Google Classroom for the new school year is easy! Follow these simple steps and your class will be set up in no time.

1. Visit the Google Classroom Website

Head to make sure you are logged in to your teaching account.

Image of Google Classroom Teacher home page
If you used Google Classroom in the past you will see your previous classes here.

2. Create A Class

Next, you’ll want to click create a class in the top right hand corner. Click on the plus sign, then “create class.”

Create a class in Google Classroom image

Below is what pops up.

Create class pop up image

3. Enter Class Information

The only required information is the class name. The additional information is optional.

create class image close up

Creating your classes is an important step in keeping your Google Classroom organized. It’s helpful to break down your Google Classrooms into each class if you are a self contained elementary teacher. For example, have a classroom for math, science, reading, writing, social studies, etc. This will ensure that your Google Classroom will be neater with each assignment in the correct place.

4. Add Students to your Google Classroom

There are two ways to add students to the class. You can either email them an invitation or share out the class code.

To enter a class using the class code direct your students to and have them click join a class. There they will enter the class code.

Location of class code
To enlarge the class code click on the square to make it bigger.

If you want to invite students via email click on the “people” tab at the top of the class page.

location of people tab

On this page you have the option to add teachers and students.

Location of people tab

Next to students click the add symbol and enter the email addresses of your students.

invite students close up

This sends an email to your students where they can join.

Setting Up Google Classroom for the New School Year is an important step if you plan on using it in your classroom! There are so many great ways to use it in the classroom. I wrote a blog post on using digital choice boards. To check that out and grab a FREE digital choice board click here! Another important thing you can do to make your life easier is to create a demo student. Check out this blog post to see how!

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