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Adding Custom Headers to Google Classroom

Are you wondering how to add custom headers to Google Classroom? This blog post will walk you through the steps, PLUS there’s a set of headers for free at the end! Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom.

When you log into your Google Classroom these are the headers you usually see. You can change the theme to select from different headers.

Google Classroom Header default

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these headers, but some people like to customize them.

1. Click Upload Photo in your Google Classroom

While logged in to click on the class where you’d like to add the header. On the current header you want to click “upload photo.”

Arrow pointing to upload photo in Google Classroom

This is what pops up.

Drag a photo picture in Google Classroom

2. Choose Your Picture

You can either drag and drop or select the picture from your device.

Image in the box

When your picture shows up in the box, drag the corners so that the full image shows. Then hit “select class theme.”

4. Your Google Classroom Header is Complete!

Now you’ve added your first custom header to Google Classroom! It will be darkened due to accessibility. Repeat these steps to change the headers in other classes.

Grab Your Free Headers for Google Classroom

Want to try adding your own custom headers to Google Classroom? Start with these!

Free Headers for Google Classroom

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